The Banker Friendly Resume

In this tutorial we’re going to take you inside the bank and into the head of a tired, disgruntled (and slightly deranged) 2nd year investment banking analyst to see exactly how the banks are going to deal with your resume this recruiting season – and how they decide whether your resume is worthy of an interview.

If you’ve never worked in an IB then this is going to make for an ‘interesting’ read, and will most certainly change the way you go about crafting your 1-page investment banking resume!

Investment Banking Internship Resume

In this tutorial we’re going to drill down to the work section of your resume, because it’s the most important section of your resume, the first section bankers look at and also the one students mess up the most.

We’ll walk through a collection of cheeky tips to help you take your work history from good to great – including telling you exactly what to write and how to present it.  And just as importantly, we’ll dispel some resume myths and point out the one mistake approx 90% of students make when writing about past jobs.