Networking in Investment Banking

In this tutorial we’re going to identify all the major reasons why networking in banking as a student is not simply helpful, but a full blown break in strategy.  We’re going to show you what to do from start to finish, and importantly, why each goal is essential for your recruiting chances.

Plus we’ll let you in on the lesser known networking tips you’ll need to write killer banking resumes and wow your interviewers.  Armed with all this advice you’ll be able to tackle downmarket recruiting with great focus and intelligence this year.

The ‘On Campus’ Investment Banking Networking PlayBook

In this tutorial we’ll walk you through on-campus investment banking information sessions, which are perhaps the #1 place for students to network with bankers.  We’ll first break down some urban legends and show you what really happens at these events so you know ahead of time what to expect.

Then we’ll arm you with the blueprint you need to wow bankers and fend off competitive students with ease.  To wrap up we’ll share a handful of ideas to help you make the most of the day and avoid getting blacklisted by frustrated i-bankers.

Investment Banking Blogs & More

In this tutorial we’ll look at our favorite resources for aspiring bankers(apart from Inside Investment Banking itself!), including what’s ‘fit to print’ in the world of investment banking blogs, books and other media.

After identifying the category leaders, we’ll explain how each one can help you prepare for investment banking recruiting.  But in a world of information overload (and long study hours) it’s what is not here that matters most.  Our 80-20ing efforts should save you days of wasted study!

The Guide to Financial Modeling & Banking Forums You Weren’t Mean To Read

In this tutorial we’re going to reveal all the time consuming and low value add activities aspiring bankers traditionally get sucked into.  That is to say, we’re going to show you all the things we wasted our time on when we were students trying to get into banking. In doing so we’ll explode some industry-wide myths, including one particularly controversial myth we can’t stand.

By showing you exactly what to avoid, we’ll save you 100 hours of wasted study time and possibly $1000s in unnecessary product costs.