Guide to Investment Banking Interviews

In this tutorial we’ll go on a fast paced ride through the world of investment banking interviews, including first round, phone, informational and superday interviews.  We’ll take each one apart and explain it in plain English so you can finally make sense of what you will face this recruiting season.

We’ll even compare all the different interviewers and show you exactly who makes the final decision.  By knowing ahead of time what to expect and how to deal with it, you’ll be more confident and prepared.

5 Investment Banking Interview Questions You Will Get Asked

In this tutorial we’re going to look at 5 interview questions straight from the bulge bracket interview room.  We’ll take our time on each one, showing you all the ins and outs of answering them to a high standard.

We won’t just ply you with common advice though; instead we’ll let you inside the mind of your interviewer so you can really see how to shape answers differently to all those other students who simply read the Vault Interview Q&As guide!!  By the end of this you’ll be answering questions like a true insider.